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Licensed Professional Counselor



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Helping individuals, couples, and families create change.

People don't come to counseling just because of problems. We come because we have hopes, desires, goals, dreams...that for some reason remain unrealized. Though we all have a sense of calling or purpose for our life, we can easily become blocked in making progress towards this. Or perhaps we grow numb to our deeper longings altogether, settling for a life we wish were different, if only we knew how. 

I love helping people clarify their hopes and motivations. But there's nothing magical about counseling. While I cannot directly change another person (and that's good thing), I am passionate about helping others find solutions that work for them. In my view, it is the courageous person that reaches out to others when faced with life's challenges. Walking alongside others during significant moments is one of the greatest privileges I have as a counselor, and I am humbled you are considering this opportunity with me. 

Counseling is a professional and confidential relationship where I provide genuine care and expert guidance, so that you know the steps you must take to reach your goals. It's important that I hear not only about your problems, but ultimately what you truly want for yourself. Only then can we begin the process of working against problems and finding solutions to create the change you desire. It is a tremendous privilege for me to watch individuals, couples and families take courageous steps to find greater joy and wholeness in their lives and relationships. I look forward to hearing from you. 

We are what we choose. And we choose whatever our deepest passion compels us to be and to do... we must examine choice’s power to shape our character.
— Dan B. Allender

I'm sure you have questions...

It is common to schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation so that we can discuss your situation more extensively before anything official begins. You have questions I am sure you are still wondering about, and I know how important it is that you make an informed decision. Let's find a time to talk so that you feel more confident about how to proceed.